Italian leather has always been an embodiment of luxury. The allure of golden sunshine, aquamarine waters and the vivid feeling of a life well lived fill up your senses - that’s what the Licks vision is.

Chic. Luxurious. Bespoke. Form and function flow together to delight you with the immense thought that brings every Licks product to life.

Our design vision is to craft sleek and unforgettable products that are lasting, well used and well loved. A Licks product is like art - handcrafted, timeless and always useful. The Italian leather we use is sourced from exclusive suppliers and is a fusion of strength, durability and sheer beauty.


The Licks brand began with a golden retriever puppy called Cocaine. In his memory, we decided to channel his personality and spirit into our products. Licks is about loyalty, love and the joy that seeps through every sense and leaves you with a golden glow.

The Licks team, philosophy and brand vision is pure joy. Licks aims to make you feel the same.


Somi's passion for travel, his design aesthetics and his love for bespoke experiences come together most uniquely to discover, design, create and share a range of products that you will immensely enjoy.

The Licks brand is Somi’s labour of love. Licks is his foray into giving shape to all his passions, in a range of limited edition and niche products, painstakingly and flawlessly designed and perfected until he infuses soul into Licks collectibles. 

Somi wants every consumer to feel the same delight he feels while conceptualizing and creating the Licks Collections. One cause that Somi always has time for is the rescue and foster of puppies and his vision for the Licks Brand draws from his deep love for man’s (or woman's) best friend!